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Nine More Perfect Notes Show You How To Install The Lights

Although the lamp is small, but the installation is absolutely exquisite, lighting the Setup priority is planning, planning what lamp is a must, which luminaires placed where.

1, to avoid the use of ceiling

Don't buy too heavy chandeliers, value for money is poor does not say later how ugly ugly dirty, wipe up wearing them.

2, the background light sources do not use the Wall lamp

Ceiling wall auxiliary source as far as possible not to use lights, good enough with small fluorescent tube replacement and repair.

3, the interval between lighting must be reasonable

Reasonable interval of lamps not only make the space light and reasonable, and visually make the owner feel comfortable.

Part2: selection selection of exquisite lamp types of carefully selected

Lamps and unfortunately things happen when in the purchase of building materials, the selection of building materials to consider selecting which type, where is the location of a lighting installation.

1, don't buy spotlights

Home improvement designed to cancel the spot lamp lamp light species not commonly used, carrying only regret, n years, not once.

2, switch lamps near the best buy

Switches and lighting near the best buy, because during installation, dismantle the package likely will find problems and want to change or supplement, run so far away, tired and bored, and these problems are generally late in the decoration, decorated initial enthusiasm at this time has been spent at idle and dry.

3, the use of brand energy-saving lamp

All brand energy-saving light bulbs, to the supermarket to buy decorative touch luck. An investment for a lifetime.

Part3: lighting installation process different space different

Lighting installation procedure affects later use, installed lighting and different space considerations are different.

1, brighter lights in the kitchen

Brighter lights in the kitchen, it is best to put on a light above the sink or chopping board were brand-new, kitchen ceiling with dark colors, coupled with the frosted lights Dim, alas, kitchen lighting exist!

2, aisle lights socket

Corridor a plug in night light (old man at night to urinate don't have to worry about hitting furniture)