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Lights Scale And Major Depression Don't Let Light Into The Room Of Little Value

Lamp not lighting tools

All along, the people ignore the importance of lighting for home decoration, and simply use it as a lighting tool. In recent years, many consumers slowly began to pay attention to life quality of lighting choices. Some young people are looking for inspiration from the movies, bars, glass lamp, agate lamp has become their preferred; after some middle-aged people have the economic base, brass lamp by hand to show low-key luxury; some elderly man in order to pursue during the Republic of China, began to love the stained glass lamps ... ... Of course, most of the time, a small lamp or exotic or classic, it will make your home instantly with a distinctive feel. "Lamps by lights, to show people more than material things, and this is a God of light, it can bring you strength and surprise. "Beautiful angel lights city lighting, General Manager Liu Jie said. "The use of light, with a lamp shape, the style of furniture and wall colors, can have a completely different visual effects and psychological feeling, this is more than a simple energy-saving lamp can compare. ”

In simple terms, different lamps with all kinds of space design, is a lot of learning. "Orange, light yellow light, with light coloured furniture, you may feel are silent, which is the home of the color. "Tiffany's brand manager Chen Xiaoli said. "And the Green and blue is fresh and light, together with the Eastern Mediterranean-style furniture, you will give the feeling of clean, comfortable, very suitable for summer house design. "A little light, it will add spice and color to the home, in addition to the draw in the shape of, did you move out?

Select lamps don't light modelling scale is important

Lighting is very important, so how to choose it? First, of course, is by feel, but it feels accurate? Match your furniture really good? This into the minds of consumers for a long question. Every man who walked into the city of lights will be attracted to different styles of lighting, but in their own home but always say a fish out of water.

In this regard, the designer presented a number of recommendations, the tone and space is very important factor, when selecting lamps, first of all, be clear on how high their home. Is not an area large enough to large lighting needs plenty of three-dimensional space can handle. Like a lady consumer, like European furniture, bought home not only a European-style sofa, specially equipped with a 1 meter of European lamp. In fact, ladies home area and not pick enough buying European furniture generally big, fancy red tape, coupled with the last lamp, space is very crowded.