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Lighting Design Of A Lot Of Learning

Bedroom: minimal impact on family sleep

You can install lamps bedside table at the bottom, and configure the time delay light switch. In addition, the lighting should also be considered in a bedroom closet, early riser don't influence the sleep easy to find clothes. But be sure to pay attention to the angle of the lighting installation, not exceeded outside the door.

Study: a focus on vision health is the primary

The lighting at the outset of the study concerned about vision health. Primary light sources recommended that you choose a chandelier or ceiling lamps, color temperature control 2700k-4500k appropriate; light sources are usually on the desktop lamp, color temperature suggest 3500k, table lamps Lighting table height 40cm for the best.

Kitchen: increase local auxiliary lighting

Outside of top lights, kitchen lighting, should also increase local auxiliary lighting. Recommended prior to being top of the table or countertop, install lighting, additional lighting environment. Recommended temperature for 3500k-4500k, by ensuring that the authenticity of the material color. Meanwhile, lighting can also be installed inside the Cabinet.

Toilets: bold abandon primary light source

In the bathroom, give up the main light source lamp, light installations and local lighting, creating a "different" in the bathroom. Mirror lamp is essential, the background lighting can be used. Recommendations on the use of light and color the middle color temperature of the light source, take the color temperature of the lamp between the 3000k-4500k. Second, can be installed directly above the toilet 15-30cm lamps to meet the reading needs. In addition, the lamp can be mounted at the bottom of the dresser in the bathroom lighting, bathroom.

(Illumination (colour temperature) is a scale that represents the light color, expressed in k (Kelvin). General incandescent lamps for color temperature of 2800k. Home lighting color temperature range of 2700k-6700k. )