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LED SMD Light Why Then Is A Faint Glow

LED SMD light also faintly glowing, what is it? Technology experts tell you that security first also faintly glowing patches off the light and lit, what is it. Here I tell you: what's wrong with this source, but when installing electrical power switch, power switch to the zero line, should receive wire to power it. If power outages shut received the zero line to power, FireWire is electrically charged, still LED, drive power, but zero line can not be normal current. This LED patch is bad and will cause it to continue non-mandatory at very low voltage work properly. Under the influence of weather and field, LED will burn, patch, driving and even the remote control. If they come into contact with the easily shocked. Because the human body with magnetic fields. Under certain conditions, static and negative. Touches the line of fire, it is a shock. Hope after the guests and friends should pay attention to the power switch. FireWire power, safety first.