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How Lamps Placed In Order To Avoid Light Pollution

Lighting skillfully placed

In addition to the purchase of qualifying lamps, a lamp placed in a room, to avoid light pollution also has an important role. Due to the different features in each room, therefore, lamps in each room furnishings are also different. Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, placing of lamps in each room is different. Next, let us look at how the placing of correct lighting of each space.

Entrance hall: in the entrance and the interior space of the junction

Hall is the place where first impressions into the room gave, brighter lighting, lamps should be placed at the entrance and the interior space of the junction. Set up in the Cabinet or wall lights, will make the entrance hall in the broad sense. Ceiling lamps matching wall or spot light, elegant and harmonious. Induction lighting systems can solve the inconveniences of home out in the dark.

Corridor: the entrance of the room, closet

Lighting in the corridors should be placed at the entrance of the room, closet, particularly start-up and direction of the stairs, stair lights brighter, and avoid danger. Corridors need plenty of light, lighting with dimmer can be used in order to adjust the light intensity. Emergency lighting equipment is also essential in case of power failure emergency.

Living room: TV provided with fluorescent lamps

If you do not understand lighting science, in contrast to the TV with the walls, hang a lamp, then a time to watch TV, the living room will be clouded by the glare. Only TV set a low luminance fluorescent lamps on the same side, you can avoid glare.