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Home Intelligent Technology

Home  intelligent technology originated in the United States,

[1] is the most  representative of the X-10 technology, through the X-10 communication  protocol, the network system can achieve the sharing of resources. Because of its simple wiring, flexible, easy to expand and widely accepted and applied. Automated home is no longer a passive building? Instead, it becomes a tool to help your hosts make the most of their time. Make the family more comfortable, safe, efficient and energy efficient. Networked  intelligent home system can provide you with home appliances control,  lighting control, curtain control,timg.jpg

[2] telephone remote control, indoor  and outdoor remote control, burglar alarm, and programmable timing  control and other functions and means to make your life more Comfortable, convenient and safe. In fact, home intelligent can be defined as a process or a system. The  use of advanced computer technology, network communications technology,  integrated wiring technology, and home life will be related to a  variety of subsystems. Organically together, through the overall management, so that home life more comfortable, safe and effective. Compared with the ordinary home, home intelligent not only has the traditional residential function. Provide a comfortable and safe, high quality and pleasant family living space. But also from the original passive static structure into a tool with dynamic intelligence. Provide  a full range of information exchange function, to help families and  external information exchange to maintain, optimize people's way of  life. Help people effectively arrange time, enhance the safety of home life, and even save money for a variety of energy costs.

Basic overview
With  the acceleration of social information, people's work, life and  communication, the relationship between information increasingly close. Information  society in changing people's lifestyles and work habits at the same  time, but also the traditional housing challenges, social, technical and  economic progress so that people's ideas with the change. People's requirements for home has long been not just physical space,  more concerned about is a safe, convenient and comfortable home  environment.
Home  intelligent, including the following six aspects: home intelligent  system components, home wiring system, home security systems, remote  measurement systems, home automation systems and home information  services.


[4]Follow the principle
The most basic goal of smart home is to provide people with a comfortable, safe, convenient and efficient living environment. For smart home products, the most important thing is to practical as  the core, to abandon those flashy, can only be used as a display of the  function, the product to practicality, ease of use and human nature.
In  the design of intelligent home system, users should be based on the  needs of intelligent home features, the integration of the most  practical and most basic home control functions: including smart home  appliances control, intelligent lighting control, electric curtain  control, burglar alarm, access control intercom, gas leak Etc., but also can expand such as three table copy, video on demand and other service value-added features. The  control of many personal intelligent home is very rich and varied, such  as: local control, remote control, centralized control, mobile remote  control, sensor control, network control, timing control, etc., its  intention is to let people get rid of tedious affairs, Efficiency, if the operation process and program settings too cumbersome, easy to allow users to generate exclusion. So the design of the smart home must be fully taken into account the  user experience, pay attention to the convenience of operation and  intuitive, it is best to use graphical control interface, so that the  operation of WYSIWYG.
The  intelligent subsystems of the entire building should be able to operate  for twenty-four hours, and the safety, reliability and fault tolerance  of the system must be given high priority. For all the subsystems, to power, system backup and other aspects of  the corresponding fault-tolerant measures to ensure the normal use of  the system safe, good quality, good performance, with the ability to  cope with a variety of complex environmental changes.
The  design of the intelligent home system program should be carried out in  accordance with the relevant standards of the country and the region to  ensure the expansion and expansibility of the system. The standard TCP /  IP protocol network technology is adopted in the system transmission to  ensure that the system can be compatible and interconnected The The front-end equipment of the system is a versatile, open, and scalable device. Such  as the system host, terminal and module using standardized interface  design for home intelligent system external manufacturers to provide  integrated platform, and its function can be expanded, when the need to  increase the function, do not have to dig pipe network, simple and  reliable, convenient savings. Designed systems and products enable the system to interoperate with the future development of third-party controlled devices.
Wiring  installation is simple and directly related to the cost, scalability,  maintainability problems, we must choose a simple wiring system, the  construction can be wired with the district broadband, simple and easy;  equipment easy to learn to master, easy operation and maintenance The
The ease of design of the system in the installation and commissioning of the project is also very important. Family  intelligence has a significant feature is the installation,  commissioning and maintenance of the workload is very large, requires a  lot of manpower and material resources, a bottleneck restricting the  development of the industry. In  response to this problem, the system in the design, you should consider  the ease of installation and maintenance, such as the system can be  remotely debug and maintain through the Internet. Through  the network, not only to enable households to achieve the family  intelligent system control functions, but also allows engineers to  remotely check the working conditions of the system, the system failure  to diagnose. In this way, the system settings and version updates can be carried  out in different places, which greatly facilitates the application and  maintenance of the system, improve the response speed and reduce  maintenance costs.
System composition
In the construction of home intelligent system, according to China's  relevant standards, specifically put forward the following basic  requirements:
1, should be in the bedroom, living room and other rooms set up cable TV socket;
2, should be in the bedroom, study, living room and other rooms set up information outlet;
3, should be set up passenger intercom and building entrance door lock control device;
4, should be set in the kitchen gas alarm device;
5, should set the emergency call for help button;
6, should set the water meter, meter, gas meter, heating (with heating area) automatic measurement remote device.
Home intelligent can realize the function and provide the service
1, always online network services, and the Internet at any time connected to provide convenience for home office conditions.
2,  security precautions: intelligent security can be real-time monitoring  illegal intrusion, fire, gas leak, emergency call for the occurrence. Once the police intelligence, the system will automatically send alarm  information to the center, and start the relevant electrical appliances  into the emergency linkage state, in order to achieve active  protection.
3, home appliances, intelligent control and remote control, such as  lighting settings for the scene and remote control, electrical control  and remote control.
4, interactive intelligent control: voice recognition technology can  be achieved through the intelligent home appliances voice control;  through a variety of active sensors (such as temperature, sound, action,  etc.) to achieve intelligent home initiative action response.
5, environmental automatic control. Such as home central air conditioning system.
6, to provide all-round home entertainment. Such as home theater systems and home central background music systems.
7, modern kitchen and toilet environment. Mainly refers to the overall kitchen and the whole bathroom.
8, family information services: management of family information and residential property management company.
9, family financial services. Through the network to complete financial and consumer services.
10, automatic maintenance function: intelligent information appliances  through the server directly from the manufacturer's service website  automatically download, update the driver and diagnostic procedures to  achieve intelligent fault self-diagnosis, the new features automatically  expand.
Intelligent home does reflect the future direction of home development. Of course conditional families can also try and it will bring great convenience to your life.

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