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Do You Still Worry About Lighting Maintenance? 8 Ways To Make Your Home Lighting Is Still As New!

1, keep good lighting product descriptions and related accessories

Must be used in a predetermined voltage, frequency lamps. Lights should turn off the power switch before cleaning and maintenance, or cut off power supply.

2, and not free wipe, although lamps surface are coated has multilayer paint coated loaded and protection paint, but does not said can free wipe, to makes you of lamps surface long glory as shake, we recommends you as of used feather duster gently removed dust can, or with professional of dust soft hair brush gently brush to lamps surface of product gray, certainly, texture soft good of dry cotton also can used.

3, where a lamp must always check the grounding grounding

Security lighting should be checked on a regular basis, to ensure that the exception does not occur. Change the lamp, remove the cover and the fuse, you must cut off the power supply.

4 key is waterproof, moisture-proof luminaire maintenance

Do not wipe with a damp cloth lamp, especially light source, the part of the pipeline in case of conductivity, caused by a short circuit, or premature rust, paint and so on, scrub with warm water or wring out the soapy water immersed cloth cleaning lamps cannot be used in gasoline, naphtha and other scrub, lamps should be treated with a dry cloth or Duster to clean the dirt behind.

5, use and maintenance attention to security risks

Items such as paper and cloth could not be placed on the Illuminator up close or cover the Illuminator, clean, do not arbitrarily change the lighting structure, or replacing lamps and spare parts.

6, repairing lamps place of taboo

Where premises repairing lamps of dangerous materials such as gas, steam, and should be in place; when you may have to engage, and to ensure safe operation. Scrub with warm water or wring out the soapy water immersed cloth cleaning lamps, can not use gasoline, naphtha and other scrub.

7, Crystal light maintenance

Crystal pendant can be removed for cleaning, be completely dry again after hang up, but you should note that hooks for connection are avoided as far as possible from water, to prevent rusting. Also linked to the note after you remove the connection is solid.

8, the use of lamps and an exception occurs

When an exception occurs in the process of using lamps, shall cease to use, cut off the power supply, check.