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Children's Rooms Lighting Skillfully To Buy To Protect Child's Eyes

1, study lamp features: eye protection, safety, environmental protection

When school-age children, learning is the priority at this stage, therefore, it is essential to choose a suitable desk lamp. Children always bring the world of fantastic colors, parents choose for their children when the lamp, also often choose adorable, colorful lighting, but sometimes the lamp looks pretty does not guarantee children's vision health. Due to the growth and development of children are in, lighting choices to consider not only its safety and whether the material is environmentally friendly, model consistent with the child's psychological characteristics, light fixtures, even more important is whether the child in the light of actual needs.

Ordinary light sources because of its instability, flashing light easily caused a decline in children's vision. So, select has bright and high explicit color sex of lamps is important, new of three color fluorescent is good of select, it of glow efficiency is General fluorescent of 1.4 times times, explicit color sex is General fluorescent of 1.2 times times, its light more bright, and real, and can natural to show color, than general light more conducive to children of learning of needed, and can protection vision.

2, decorative lamp features: variable shape, bright colors

Generally as a whole in the children's room lighting and lighting combine to configure lighting, integral lighting chandeliers, ceiling lights for the space to create clear, fantastic light effects, while the local lighting wall lamps, table lamps, spotlights to suit different lighting needs. Selected lamps should be in shape, color, give the child a relaxed sense of light, full of charm, to expand children's imaginations, stimulating children's interest in learning. Therefore, parents may wish to select children's room lighting with our children, let the children enjoy the pleasures of independent stay up late.

Have a Star Cruises, a mountain off road bikes, a soar the skies of aircraft, used to be how many childhood dreams, today, the shape of these series has been used in chandeliers, are made of frosted glass, hang a chandelier in the children's room, children can begin to imagine the wings, learning becomes interesting. If you would like to remind the kids to remember the time, then select dolls clocks Wall lamp. Like stars, and the moon shaped pendant lamp, ceiling lamp, Wall lamp, different materials give different lighting effects, Crystal Moon light bright, frosted glass lamp flowed out of warmth of the moon like water. Lamp changing shapes, bright colors, and can give children a world of easy and full of charm.