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Theatre stage lighting knowledge

Depending on the productions of lighting requirements are different. Here the theatre of basic lighting configuration is essential to meet the General Opera, Ballet, Ballet, drama, local opera performance needs. Tube lamp, also said r a, p lamp its structure is in cylinder within installation mirror bulb or in reflective Bowl within installation bromide tungsten bulb, main characteristics is can shot out more fixed of beam, beam angle width variety, but spot size cannot adjustment; days row lamp, and to row lamp power of astigmatism lamp used to upper and lower irradiation sky with, requirements light and balanced, irradiation area big:

Imaging lamp or said styling lamp, and ellipsoid spotlight, its beam angle has variety, can according to need select application, main characteristics is can as slide like will spot cutting into square, and diamond, and triangle, shape, or projection out by needed of various pattern pattern, power also has 1 k w, and 2 k w, can select configuration; also has application increasingly less of spotlight, stage Shang with of spotlight is refers to lamp front using flat convex condenser, this lamps can regulation spot size. Beam concentration next to the diffuse light is relatively small. Power 0. 5W-5 k w a variety. Focal length of long, medium and short. Guangzhou stage lighting equipment can be seen shooting from the popular on-demand selection. Stage lighting light with point light sources. Together with the different colors. In order to achieve a variety of Visual effects. Stage lighting first of all respect is the human eye, that fully take into account people's viewing habits, based on the plastic.