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Resin handicraft production process

1. mix

According to mould sizes, number of products, unsaturated polyester resin weighing up, pour sauce bucket, include curing agent in the unsaturated polyester resins, mix, stir and promoter, fully mixed.

2. mold

Mold should be placed in (State level) on your work surface, surface mould should be cleaned, use a small spoon to scoop a spoonful a spoonful of slurry slowly into not dumping, from high into to make it natural

3. pumping

Perfusion full mold removal to have powerful vacuum compressors, stirring inside the resin slurry from excess air bubbles produced by crowding out, otherwise, the finished product will air holes.

4. release

Slurry is poured into the mold through 1-2 hours after coagulation, coagulation immediately after release

5. Polish

After stripping hair (thick) embryo needs manpower on the abrasive belt machine grinding into the water; integration with the small machine tool line, then No. 240 sand paper to Polish the entire surface. Sandpaper and repeat No. 600, fine grinding smoothing.

Friends may be familiar with resin from the countryside, it is a yellow, viscous oil. Remember, we will when the glue resin, just off the resin from the trees can also be molded into various shapes. When I grow up, I know resin can also be used for lighting.