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LED who let it return to the light quality?

With lighting level of LED light in material technology, and manufacturing technology, and application of increasingly mature, several years Hou of a days based on environment deterioration problem increasingly serious, economic disorder development, world States energy-saving emissions pressure huge of reality Xia, LED of lighting application finally was points burst, was points burst of reasons is not because LED by issued of light has more excellent, but because LED of energy-saving sex, based on this, Government policy guide, and media helped, and investment have influx, and Not associated with it-related manufacturing companies have switched to intervene in time, regardless of technical feasibility, availability, condition, LED a few years later, and LED energy saving, by the national industrial policy, known as "strategic industries" conquering the Grand, set up layout.

However, everyone LED energy-saving considerations, who was seriously concerned about the quality of the light in LED technology?

All right! National said LED energy-saving should promotion, national policy in do has, and set traditional incandescent of death time, route figure also very clear clear clear by plans implementation, is hope will "energy" of incandescent lighting let is located in LED lighting, also took out all city of road lighting part, as LED lighting application of "experiment" range, this Xia you believes has, believes LED world broad, prospects optimistic happy, so on constantly influx do "energy-saving" of LED lamps ignored do "light"! Look at all has been implemented as of 2014 to install LED Street urban roads, the light quality?

Optical parameters

With light, glare control, such as the indexes before 2013 seriously neglected by many LED manufacturers and pursuit of brightness and illumination.

Glare index control of LED street lamps proposed strict requirements need LED manufacturers in the lighting design and light design, is the unity and contradiction of a high degree of difficulty, for example, 120 degree light angle and glare arising out of 140-degree light angle must not be equal. Owners also believe in the municipal sector LED wide angle light LED street lamps can reduce the number of Poles per kilometre, this demand is real, but this problem also exists, perhaps, this issue still up in the air.

Lens material selection for road lighting with LED lights is never a good idea! There are a variety of different environments, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, resistance to aging and deterioration, pollution and other problems in the application process and result in impairment, color changes and other issues.