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LED eye protection desk lamp is the eye or the eye?

Blu-ray is all about? Correlate it with eye protection desk lamp?

Effects of blue light to the human eye is in fact an exaggerated, we believe that the damage can be divided into three categories, photochemical damage, heat damage and mechanical damage.

Blu-ray effect belongs to light chemical injury category, hot injury exists Yu infrared district, because we people eye of retinal temperature for 37 degrees, heat high will led to cell apoptosis died, Blu-ray 400-500nm range within, actually for retinal of light chemical effect is exists is big differences of, in 400-440nm range within, retinal of tolerance light strong lower, and 450-480 tolerance light strong is zhiqian of 3-5 times above,

LED peak spectrum between 450-480, so if all of its normal lighting, no damage to human eyes.

In fact, we found in the animal experiment, some Blu-ray wavelengths can inhibit the occurrence of myopia, while Blu-ray leads to macular degeneration, only indirect evidence from epidemiological surveys. 450-480nm, regular entire lighting environment (provide all illumination is largely a lighting design for uniform distribution)

No damage to the retina of the human eye, cellular and molecular experiments we have done. If 400-440, are less tolerant of the retina of the human eye, in fact, some junk LED Blu-ray in 400-440nm, so there is a problem.