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European innovative luminaire selection and matching techniques

Pastoral style

Pastoral style furniture and lighting, pastoral style focused on in natural of performance, British type pastoral furniture features is gorgeous of fabric, is pure manual manufacturing of, it of flower most to small floral, stripes, Scotland lines mainly, and British type style of furniture forever is we eternal of theme, for lamps, words, we of lamp, regardless of is chandelier, landing lamp, also is lamp, cloth cover, to phase with it match, this is most main of. French garden style lies mainly in the furniture clean, on the disposal of all our lamps, lampshades to use large areas of white, not floral type can have.

Eastern Mediterranean style

Eastern Mediterranean style furniture and lighting, Eastern Mediterranean style most to gray wall, Arch, sea blue of housing w, or doors and Windows for main, and tie Shang wall Shang of mosaic, will to people a atmosphere dignified, and color jumping of feel for it of lighting, words, lamps distribution to Eastern Mediterranean of style, color first note don't too jumping, to to heavy color mainly, and it of lamps most to to height, height requirements to slightly high one points, high pick is for good, and distribution Shang it of glass material,, Color can match a little bit brighter glass on top, with its mix of mosaics on the walls, this effect is better.

Entrance hall area

Lighting select, continental lamp in bedroom all space should how select, General, words, corridor and Hall of height are not is high, most in, like General floors are in two meters five, or Villa type is in two meters eight, three meters Zhijian, such in floors short is of bedroom can select out Dome light, or half out type of, for Villa type of, three meters high around, two meters eight high around of bedroom lamp we can select some whole hanging type of, half hanging type of are can, Hall corridor lamps do not need to select the lighting too tedious for most simple, color can be a fusion with the overall mix.

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