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Crystal lamp

In the past candle chandelier, is only one Crystal candle holder burning candles down, called candle chandelier.

And now with the development of science and technology, modern crystal chandeliers still modeled on European Crystal lamp shape, but light sources are the old candle bulb, also called the new smokeless candle lamps, candle lamps similar in appearance to real candles, but does not produce smoke or carcinogens, the users can rest assured.

Traditional Crystal lamp with yellow crystals, and attached to the structure symmetrical, chandelier candle type bulbs, arranged a bud-shaped Crystal pendant, pay attention to balance and classical beauty; layered pendants, carved lamp Bowl, the entire body is transparent candle-shaped bulbs, these are the elements of traditional crystal chandeliers, is a typical European palace-style Crystal lamp.

Modern chandelier Crystal colors, in addition to the commonly known as "rock crystal", a tea, green, red, purple and black crystal is widely used, but it is focused on modeling Visual impact and dynamic, is stress contour of the building, emphasis on symmetry.

If compared to the traditional crystal lamp ' lights in the nobles ', modern Crystal light can be said to be ' girls next door ', "people in the industry have praised the play. Compared to traditional crystal lamp style luxury, spectacular, modern Crystal lights up more Petite, more minimalist avant garde, most chandelier pendant height can be adjusted, lamp body made up of crystals and aluminum alloy, filled with fashionable atmosphere.

Today, many enterprises will also be concise, crisp European style added to the field of Crystal lamps, reflect beauty, practicality and personality upgrade releases, art deco.

With the greatly increased the lighting requirements of modern life, different styles and different lighting of the principle of common, but feel these new modern lighting with a very strong is short-lived, far from affecting the entire lighting industry levels, but there is a kind of lamps have been popular has not been eliminated. form of candle light.

Because lighting industry technology of constantly improve, also appeared has electricity of candle lamp or is outside type Shang like candle of lighting candle lamp, and now to said most popular of candle lamp style that is crystal candle lamp has crystal lamp has been are is noble elegant of lighting representative, will Crystal principle using in candle lamp formed of Crystal candle lamp not only has conservative of decorative style more is has has crystal of characteristics.

Candle Lights on later in the process of constant development, energy-saving technology is also integrated into the Crystal candle lamp creates a more energy-saving low green candle energy-saving lamps. It is understood that the now crystal candle lamps energy-saving lamps and candles at wholesale prices than shops scattered sales Crystal candles lamps cheap close to one-third, for a friend who needs wholesale Crystal candle lamps are a very attractive price, is the so-called is buy low, sell high. [1] edit this paragraph candle chandelier entered the mature stage