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China LED lamp technology development status and problem analysis

Today's LED lamps feature:

Power LED Street and general high pressure sodium Street different of is, power LED street of light used low voltage DC power, and by GaN base power type Blu-ray LED and yellow phosphor synthesis of efficient white light diode, glow diode (Light Emitting Diode, shorthand for LED) is based on semiconductor PN knot formed of with weak of power on can glow of efficient solid light, in must of are to partial reset voltage and injected current Xia, Injection of p-holes and into the n-electron diffusion between active zone issued by radiative recombination photons, the electricity directly into light.

LED street light, and it has many advantages compared to traditional light sources.

1, LED lights with light directivity in itself, there is no diffusion to ensure efficiency;

2, LED lamp has a unique secondary optical design, LED street light to the desired lighting areas, namely road, further improve the efficiency of lighting, energy-saving purposes;

3, LED light source efficiency have reached 100lm/W, but there is still a lot of room, the theoretical value can reach 250lm/W. efficiency of high pressure sodium lamp with the power increase and, therefore, overall LED street lamps light efficiency than HPS is strong;

4, and LED street of light explicit color sex than high pressure sodium high, high pressure sodium explicit color index only 23 around, and LED Street explicit color index can reached 75 above, from Visual psychological angle consider, reached equal brightness, LED street of illumination average can than high pressure sodium reduced 20% above (reference United Kingdom road lighting standard); and, in Middle Visual level Xia, people eye in high color temperature environment in than low color temperature environment more easy identify things, avoid has some dangerous state of occurred;

5, LED street light attenuation, a year of light attenuation is less than 3%, use a 10 year will meet the illumination requirements for road use, therefore, LED lamps use low power design can be compared to high-pressure sodium lamps;

6, LED lamps can be auto-dimming, able to meet different lighting requirements, the maximum possible power, saving energy;

7, LED is the low voltage DC devices, drives a single LED voltage safety voltage, so it is more secure than using high-voltage power supply power supply, especially in public places. DC characteristics of LED particularly suitable for combination with solar and wind power;

8, LED only a small grain size of each unit, so the devices can be prepared into a variety of shapes, and suitable for variable, Yi Zhen's environment;

9, long life: the theoretical life of more than 50,000 hours of use;

10, LED to frequent switching without the fear of damage;

11, easy to install: simply LED Streetlight installed in the lamp replace lamp lamp